Four steps may be distinguished when ordering new displays. Design by Joop takes care of the whole process from A to Z, but, if it's the customer's wish, step #3 (installing) on location may be done by local contractors, using Design by Joop's optional instruction assemblage manual on film.

We will make the design, taking into account local guidelines and the customer's preferences, and present it for approval, using a 3D-file, or, if preferred, illustrate the design by a movie. This will be sent by email using current files like jpeg or QuickTime, guaranteeing fast and efficient communication with the customer.

The next step is producing the ordered displays. Design by Joop works exclusively with the very best and carefully selected, highly skilled manufacturers, located in the Netherlands and Germany. Long lasting relationships with these carpenters, artists and furniture manufacturers make sure all the customer's demands and official guidelines are met.

Most often, our customers want Design by Joop to arrange transport and installation, including the inevitable paperwork and administration. On location, we make sure the gondolas, wall-bays and other displays are securely installed, either by our own or local craftsmen.

Design by Joop ensures carefree implementation and use, offering warranty and free repairs for many years to come, although a repair is hardly ever necessary!