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Plan Your Raise

Plan your Raise

Keep a handle on your company control by exploring how different fundraising strategies affect your future ownership. Leverage your Gust Company Profile and Gust’s data to set your terms based on what’s best for your business.

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Find Your Funding

Find your Funding

Hundreds of the world’s leading Angel Groups and VCs use Gust for deal flow. Leverage your Gust Company Profile to find the best funding sources, apply without re-entering information, and manage your applications in one place.

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Close Your Investment

Close your Investment

Avoid the paper chase and unnecessary corporate cleanup costs by executing SAFEs and Convertible Notes digitally. We’ll make sure you get the proper consents from directors and shareholders, easily collect signatures from investors, and reflect the results on your cap table so you’re ready to model your next round.

Your Startup Support System

We love technology, but Gust is more than just a set of software tools. Leverage the collective experience of the Gust team and community to level up your knowledge and grow your entrepreneurial support system.
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Navigate your startup journey with help from our knowledgeable, friendly team via chat and email.

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Level up on startup know-how and keep up with emerging trends and opportunities through the Gust newsletter and events with industry experts.

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Connect directly with Gust team members, industry experts, and other entrepreneurs through discussion boards and office hours.

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