License Gust For Your Investor Organization

Gust maintains close relationships with regional angel investor federations across the globe and a select handful of important angel groups. Investor Organizations who wish to get started using Gust for dealflow must be affiliated with their region’s respective partner federation. Gust provides it’s platform to these groups at no cost, and is not available outside of this arrangement.

If you’re interested in using Gust but not currently affiliated with a federation, please refer to the links below and enquire about the benefits of membership in your closest region.
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Please note that at this time, we are only currently supporting new Angel Groups. If you’re running an Accelerator, Incubator, or Business Plan Competition and would like to use Gust, please check out Gust for Accelerators. If your organization or club already has a Gust portal, and you’re trying to access it, please try logging in here
Gust works with the following federations in their respective regions: